Meet the Builder

Kiran Parekh, owner of PPFR, LLC, is the visionary behind Cove View Towers. As a builder, he’s committed not only to his team designing and constructing a home with beautiful aesthetics, but also one featuring quality materials and comfortable spaces. Elegance meets function in every one of his buildings.

Parekh began his career in engineering and sales and quickly developed a keen understanding of construction. His passion for creating distinctive residences that clients love led him to opening his own company, PPFR, LLC in 2010. Initially, he and his team took on the renovation of condominiums in distress, and then began building hotels including the Hampton Inn and Hilton Garden Inn in Groton, CT.

A common element in PPFR’s work is the high standard for top quality construction, stylish designs and ease of living. The company utilizes brand name construction materials, and designs for energy efficiency, for lasting value for years to come.

As a builder who believes in his work, Parekh has become one of the first residents at Cove View Towers. He looks forward to personally welcoming you home.